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 Here’s what some of our graduates have said about the Christopher Leadership Course: 

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Just imagine!  After obtaining my university degree and landing a job in the high tech sector, I was still a bit of a wall flower when it came to speaking in front of even a small group of people. The thought of making a presentation made me weak in the knees. A colleague of mine suggested that I take a course in public speaking that he had found very useful, so I signed up to take The Christopher Leadership Course – and I’ve never looked back! Through this class, I met many wonderful people and discovered and developed a very positive outlook. The course itself not only taught me useful formulas for making presentations, introducing speakers and presenting awards, but also many new aspects of leadership. The course gave me the self confidence to take on assignments that I never would have attempted prior to taking this course. Now I am working as a director with the Federal Public Service and have been recognized for my leadership and communication skills – just imagine!
Susan Kemp
Director of Information Technology Services Branch (ITSB), PWGSC
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A wonderful course on public speaking and building confidence in front of an audience.  The environment is very positive and supportive.  The instructors were all motivated and truly loved to teach.  The course improved my outlook on life and I now see everything in a positive light.  I recommend this course not only for public speaking but also to build confidence in yourself as well as taking on leadership.  The course has a step by step formula that builds upon itself each week.  I had so much fun everyweek that I did not want it to end.  The course is the best value money can buy.
Gordon Holstead
Graduate of CLC1 and CLC2
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Having spent more than 10 years trying to master speaking and leadership skills prior to taking the Christopher Leadership Course in Effective Speaking, I wasn`t sure how much more I could learn about the subject. After having taken this course though, I feel that I learned a lot about the heart of public speaking and leadership. This course is for everyone regardless of your current experience in speaking and leadership. I can`t wait to take the Christopher Advanced Presentations Course.
Jim Kelly
CLC1 Student Graduate
Winter 2013 Ottawa Class

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