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About Huron-Perth Christopher Leadership Course 

Our Vision

Christopher Leadership Courses of Huron-Perth believes that all people deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential as individuals both in the workplace and in social environments by enhancing their leadership and communication skills, as well as their confidence, through the Christopher Leadership Course (CLC).

Our Purpose

Through our courses, CLC Huron-Perth aims to help students:

  • Improve communication skills by encouraging them to express their ideas and feelings
  • Listen and hear the thoughts and feelings of others
  • Realize their unique talents while building key skills and self-confidence
  • Develop leadership skills by promoting and supporting the well-being of self and others through a spirit of respect, understanding, cooperation, and mutual support

Our History

The first Christopher Leadership Course in Canada was held in Windsor, Ontario in 1953. Courses have been offered continuously since that date. CLC courses have spread across the country and across the Pacific to Korea and China. CLC courses are currently offered in five provinces in Canada. Each year, many Canadians join the ranks of CLC’s successful graduates. For a list of our CLC locations in Canada, please click here.

Our Instructors

CLC Instructing Team

Instructing Team – Winter Class of 2016

CLC courses are taught by dedicated teams of qualified volunteer instructors. All instructors are graduates of the course and they have undertaken to pass on to others the knowledge and skills they learned from the course. They receive ongoing training to hone their skills, making it possible to deliver programs which are sensitive in their approach and time-proven in their effectiveness. As a non-profit organization, the Christopher Leadership Courses of Canada offers the course at an affordable fee to cover only the cost of materials and administration.

Current Huron-Perth Instructors:

Steve Pinney – 18 years

Dave Scott – 18 years

Ben Miltenburg – 12 years

Tracy Aylward – 4 years

Sue Key – 3 years

Katelyn McKay – 2 years

Joe White – 1 year


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