Fredericton New Brunswick – Benefits & Testimonial

Benefits and Testimonials

In our Courses you learn to:

  • become a more effective communicator
  • develop skills and self-confidence
  • be more fulfilled at home and work
  • become a leader

You learn proven methods and actually practice your new skills at each session.

Let’s look at some of the benefits:

  • organize your thoughts, think on your feet
  • control stage fright
  • speak with conviction
  • be effective in conversation, at meetings and on the platform
  • gain courage and inner strength
  • develop a positive attitude
  • be more creative and enthusiastic


Here’s what some of our graduates have said:

I was already doing a fair bit of public speaking and presenting but I’d lose sleep for days before having to present. Now, I’m in charge of my nerves, I sleep just fine before public talks and I’m also getting to do with my life what I’d hoped I could.

Shelley Kuiack
Coordinator, Pastoral Care, Glebe Community Centre

Looking to learn the basics for effective public speaking, gain confidence, stand up with courage for the issues you care about? Well, look no longer. The Christopher Leadership CLC Ottawa – Courses in Public Speaking is here for you.  I personally took the CLC courses twice years ago and I can say that they are definitely helpful. If you have any questions contact CLC. It`s that easy: you can be a confident public speaking figure in weeks.

Efrem Berhe
2 x Graduate of CLC1 Course

As Executive Directors of Business Network International (BNI), we want to thank the Christopher Leadership Course organization for providing us a vehicle for personal growth and professional development. We gained the confidence to accept speaking assignments at the BNI International conference in Los Angeles and the BNI Canadian, Australian and New Zealand National conferences because of the skills and tools we acquired as students. Numerous BNI members have taken CLC1 and CLC2 and have become more effective communicators & in turn true relationship builders, which are both necessary qualities in our competitive business world. The sincere interest and commitment demonstrated by the instructors has had a positive impact on our Eastern Ontario and Western Québec region.

Denis Brisson & Jocelyne D’Aoust
Executive Directors / directeurs exécutifs
BNI- “Business Network International” / “Réseau d’affaires international”

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