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Benefits and Testimonials

In our Courses you learn to:

  • become a more effective communicator
  • develop skills and self-confidence
  • be more fulfilled at home and work
  • become a leader

You learn proven methods and actually practice your new skills at each session.

Let’s look at some of the benefits:

  • organize your thoughts, think on your feet
  • control stage fright
  • speak with conviction
  • be effective in conversation, at meetings and on the platform
  • gain courage and inner strength
  • develop a positive attitude
  • be more creative and enthusiastic


Here’s what some of our graduates have said:

What a profound learning experience this was for me! The nature of the CLC model makes the application to life and leadership immediate. Participating in this course has allowed me to make significant changes in my own leadership and in the way I try to influence my organization at large. It has transformed my leadership on multiple levels, all of which has helped me be more effective, personally and professionally. Thank you very much CLC!!!

Siddharth Macwan
non-linear creations inc.

Light one candle… what a powerful lesson learned!

People ask me: “How did you become so successful and such a great speaker?” I answer: “Besides the unwavering support of many people and family along the way, hard work and self-discipline, the major catalyst was a decision to attend and jump all-in to the Christopher Leadership Course.” Fear was a powerful force that kept me from stepping-up in my personal life and career. Having undergone substantial personal self-inflicted setbacks and surprise tragedies I had lost my way. Having the responsibility of a growing family and a rapidly growing business I wanted to be a better man and a better professional leader. I did not know where to start and then I happened upon the Christopher Leadership Course.

I can`t say enough about this program, the instructors/leaders and the incredible participants who shared this transformational journey with me. The program gave me the confidence and the framework for overcoming fear, for trusting others, and the gift of “speaking my truth” publicly. I highly recommend this course to everyone and I guarantee you through the warm support of the group, participants and instructors, you will find the intrinsic motivators and the courage to change and to step-up as a leader. I invite you to say “I can, I must and I will sign-up today for the Christopher Leadership Course”; take the plunge and know and trust you have been guided here and are reading this for an important reason and that is to take the action that will change your life for the better. My wish for you is that you are now on a journey to light many bright candles.

Paul Hill, best selling author of The Panic Free Job Search and Lead Trainer of the Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp 

The Christopher Leadership Course has enabled me to strive for challenge in my life, given me the self-confidence to accept the challenge and the self-esteem to know I can make a difference.

Connie Marchbank


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