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The Christopher Leadership Courses of Huron-Perth offers the following 2 courses in Stratford, Ontario. CLC1 starts in January and CLC2 starts in October each year.

CLC1 – Level One Public Speaking Course

We will provide you with opportunities to realize your full potential in both business and social spheres by developing your skills in:

  • Effective public speaking
  • Positive communication
  • Community leadership

In CLC courses, you learn by doing!

What You’ll Learn!

Presentation Types

  • How to organize a talk – Organizing and delivering dynamic and memorable presentations
  • Speech reading – Practicing the DOs and DON’Ts for reading to an audience
  • Speaking with an exhibit – Learning how exhibits can enhance your presentations
  • Introducing and thanking speakers – Setting the stage and make a presenter feel welcome
  • Presenting and accepting gifts – Making the recipient feel honoured at their retirement birthday, anniversary, going away or other special event
  • Impromptu speeches – Using techniques to speak effectively with little preparation

Presentation Techniques

  • Memory techniques – Ways to remember key presentation points, and people’s names
  • Eliminating “ums and ahs” from your speech – Becoming a more polished professional
  • Effective delivery – Learn how to use eye contact, gestures, posture and vocal intonation to enhance your message
  • Adding KEY ingredients – Making your talk come alive!

Leadership Techniques

  • Realizing your leadership talents by focusing on these attributes:
    • Courage
    • Listening
    • Openness
    • Uniqueness
    • Being Positive
    • Being Involved
    • Embracing Change
    • Taking time to celebrate life

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CLC2 – Level 2 Advanced Course

The Level 2 course builds upon the skills gained in the Level One course therefore CLC 1 is prerequisite to taking the Level Two course. Students will further develop their communication skills and self-confidence, and gain more specific and specialized presentation, communication, and leadership skills.

This 8-week Level Two course will help you with:

Presentation Techniques

  • Introducing Others
  • How to use Visual-Aids
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Flip Charts, White/Chalk Boards
  • Microphone and Lectern Techniques
    • Toasts
    • Master of Ceremonies
  • Fielding Audience Questions

Human Relations

  • Dynamics of Leadership
  • Managing Stress
  • Positive vs Negative Communications
  • Establishing Personal Goals
  • Attitudes and Positive Thinking
  • Acceptance, Approval & Appreciation
  • Success
  • Uniqueness
  • Understanding Self and Others

Interpersonal Skills

  • Non-verbal Communications
  • Consensus Building
  • Initiating Conversation
  • Active and Reflective Listening
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Assertiveness Training

Look at some of the benefits you could achieve by taking these courses:

  • Communicate with greater confidence
  • Have greater influence in groups
  • Add interest to your presentations
  • Be more polished at meetings and in front of groups
  • Obtain insights into human relations
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills
  • Increase your awareness of non-verbal aspects of presenting and listening
  • Participate in active listening
  • Use visual aids, lecterns and microphones to their best effect
  • Be confident when responding to questions
  • … and more!

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EMC – Effective Meeting Course

The Effective Meetings Course is a thorough introduction to conducting meetings.

In a workshop style environment, students will learn how to prepare for a meeting, gain an understanding of parliamentary procedure, and make the most efficient and effective use of their participants’ knowledge and experience.  The Effective Meetings Course will also highlight the important role meeting documents, such as agendas and meeting minutes play in getting the most out of your team members’ time.  Practical examples and exercises throughout the course will give every student an opportunity to practice and hone their new skills.

The Effective Meeting Course will help participants:

1)    Prepare for a meeting and room set-up

2)    Discuss team dynamics and meeting participant role types

3)    Demonstrate how each meeting member functions

4)    Provide a basic knowledge of Parliamentary Procedures

5)    Provide an overview of formal and committee meetings

6)    Demonstrate how and when to voice opinions


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