Course Details

Red Deer Alberta Christopher Leadership Course Level 1 – January 21, 2020

Red Deer & Central Alberta Area

Course Details

Cost:              Standard Tuition – $275.00
Student/Senior Tuition – $225.00 (Must show valid student card)
(Payment for course is due only when course enrollment is confirmed)

Time:              3 hours Tuesday evenings starting at 7:00 pm
Length:          11-week course

Prerequisite:  You must be registered and confirmed to attend class.
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This course is based on adult learning principles. Each week, instructors present a different area of focus. The learned skills are then practiced in a positive and supportive workshop setting. In Christopher Leadership Courses, you learn by doing!

Presentation Types

  • How to organize a talk – Learning how to organize and deliver dynamic and memorable presentations
  • Speech reading – Practicing the do`s and don`ts for reading
  • Speaking with an exhibit – Learning how exhibits can enhance your presentations
  • Introducing and thanking speakers – Setting the stage and make a presenter feel welcome
  • Presenting and accepting gifts – Making the recipient feel honored at their next retirement, going-away, birthday, anniversary, or other special event
  • Impromptu speeches – Using techniques to speak effectively with little preparation

Presentation Techniques

  • Memory techniques – Ways to remember key presentation points, and people`s names
  • Eliminating “hems and haws” from your speech – Becoming a more polished professional
  • Effective delivery – Learn how to use eye contact, gestures, posture and vocal intonation to enhance your message
  • Adding KEY ingredients to your talk – Making your talk come alive!

Leadership Techniques

  • Realizing your leadership talents by focusing on these attributes:
    • Courage
    • Listening
    • Openness
    • Uniqueness
    • Affirming Others
    • Accentuating the Positive
    • Showing you Care
    • Sharing your Light
    • Celebrating life

Look at some of the benefits you could achieve by taking these courses:

  • Communicate with greater confidence
  • Have greater influence in groups
  • Add interest to your presentations
  • Be more polished at meetings and in front of groups
  • Become a more confident leader
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills
  • Increase your awareness of non-verbal aspects of presenting and listening
  • Participate in active listening
  • Use visual aids, lecterns and microphones to their best effect
  • Be confident when responding to questions
  • … and more!

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