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Red Deer Alberta Course Level2

Course Details – CLC2 – Next Available Class
This CLC2 course selection is provided to give registering students an option to indicate they are interesting in attending a future CLC2 course when none of the available dates or locations currently works for them. 

By registering to this selection you will be contacted by our Registrar as soon as the next semester’s CLC2 classes are announced.  At that time you can decide to formally enroll in an available course or remain on the notification list.  Here are some details on the course:
Cost:              Adults $275, Seniors & Students $225, Couples $475 (Sharing 1 Manual)
                      (Payment for course is due only when course enrolment is confirmed)
Time:              3 hours one night a week starting at 6:30pm or 7:00pm
Length:          9-week course

Prerequisites: You must be registered and confirmed to attend class.
                       Use “Register for this course” button below to start!
                       You must have graduated from the CLC1 course to take this CLC2 course.
The CLC 2 course builds upon the skills gained in the Level One course therefore CLC 1 is a prerequisite to taking the Level Two course. Students will further develop their communication skills and self-confidence, and gain more specific and specialized presentation, communication, and leadership skills.
This 8 week Level Two course will help you with:
Presentation Techniques

  • Introducing Others
  • How to use Visual Aids
    • MS PowerPoint presentations
    • Flip Charts, White/Chalk Boards
    • Overhead Projectors and Slides
  • Microphone and Lectern Techniques
    • Toasts
    • Master of Ceremonies
  • Fielding Audience Questions

Human Relations

  • Dynamics of Leadership
  • Managing Stress
  • Positive vs Negative Communications
  • Establishing Personal Goals
  • Attitudes and Positive Thinking
  • Acceptance, Approval & Appreciation
  • Success
  • Uniqueness
  • Understanding Self and Others

Interpersonal Skills

  • Non-verbal Communications
  • Consensus Building
  • Initiating Conversation
  • Active and Reflective Listening
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Assertiveness Training

Look at some of the benefits you could achieve by taking these courses:

  • Communicate with greater confidence
  • Have greater influence in groups
  • Add interest to your presentations
  • Be more polished at meetings and in front of groups
  • Obtain insights into human relations
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills
  • Increase your awareness of non-verbal aspects of presenting and listening
  • Participate in active listening
  • Use visual aids, lecterns and microphones to their best effect
  • Be confident when responding to questions
  • … and more!

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