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  •  Develop public speaking skills
  •  Build self confidence
  •  Improve communication skills
  •  Nail your next interview
  •  Improve your leadership skills

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The Christopher Leadership Course of Edmonton provides a welcoming and supportive environment where you will build strong leadership skills and learn to overcome your fear of standing up in front of a group to speak. The course is a powerful asset and confidence-builder for anyone, but it is especially tailored for people in transition, whether that be from school into the workforce, from another country into Canada, or from one career to another.

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Here’s what our graduates are saying about the course:

The Christopher Leadership Course in Effective Speaking is truly a hidden gem in today`s culture.  Communication and action are wonderoulsy connected through the activities and procedures that are introduced and refined throughout the course.  To me, perhaps, the course is like a group of very enthusiastic community leaders smiling at young entrepreneurs (like myself!).  Like a smile given and received in public, everyone in the course instinctively smiles back.

Michael Bernstein

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