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Need Speaking Skills?

Sadly, many public speakers have never learned basic  speaking skills. They ramble on without any clear message, and they mumble into their notes instead of looking you in the eye.

Make your point clearly.Christopher Leadership Course Need Speaking Skills.

Every year for over fifty years, the Christopher Leadership Courses have taught thousands of Canadians to speak clearly and effectively.

  • Make a memorable point in under two minutes.
  • Learn a simple memory system that will let you speak without notes.
  • Discover how to build an effective talk quickly.
  • Learn specific skills including presenting an award, and introducing a speaker.
  • Make steady progress in fun, easy stages, adding new skills each week

The class of 15-25 students is big enough to give you real practice speaking in front of a group, but small enough for individual coaching. The team of 3-5 instructors, all graduates of the course, shows you the power of developing a personal style.
This course really works, by teaching effective speaking one small step at a time. By the end of our introductory course (1 evening a week for 11 weeks) you will have the skills and confidence you need to be a strong and memorable speaker. You will have learned by doing it, with two opportunities to speak in front of the class each week.

There are several classes each year, on different nights and in different parts of town. The tax-deductible tuition fee is amazingly affordable, because the Christopher Leadership Courses are presented by a non-profit registered charity.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Which course should I take?

We have learned from more than fifty years of teaching public speaking that there is no substitute for real experience speaking in front of a group.

  • If public speaking terrifies you, the CLC1 course (nine or eleven evenings) will give you the extra practice you need to develop your confidence, your leadership abilities, and your public speaking skills. It may seem like a lot of time to invest, but most graduates are sorry when their course is ending.
  • If you already have confidence and just need to improve your skills, the Effective Speaking Workshop will provide them, and its faster pace may fit better into your busy life.

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