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Grow Your Skills

Extend your speaking skills, building on what you learned in a Christopher Leadership introductory course. You can already craft a memorable talk, and take command of a room. But now you need to present to a bigger audience, with slides and a microphone. And you need to handle audience questions.

Relax. We’ve got you covered!Advanced Presentation Course in Ottawa

Project Your Confidence

Welcome to the Christopher Leadership Advanced Presentation Course. This fast-paced six-week course lets you extend your speaking skills to bigger venues and more formal talks. It is available only to CLC graduates.

Some things stay the same:

  • It’s taught by a team of expert instructors.
  • It’s fun.
  • Every student makes two presentations each week.

Some things are different:

  • Class size is limited to 8 students, with students and instructors seated around the same table to create a more professional boardroom atmosphere.
  • Evaluation uses a variation of the collaborative Think, Pair, Share technique to give you insights from other students as well as the instructors.
  • You will be expected to use PowerPoint or similar slides to enhance your main presentations. You will need access to a computer with suitable software, and an internet connection.

For more, see the Course Details Page.

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Frequently Asked Question:

I am already a good public speaker, but I did not graduate from a CLC course. I just need to use PowerPoint better. Surely you can sign me up for this course?
Sorry, the answer is no. We have looked at this option very carefully, and there is no way that we can give a quality course in only six weeks unless all of our students start with a common approach to structuring an effective talk.

We suggest taking our Effective Speaking Workshop then APC.  This fast-paced small-group workshop has plenty to offer you, including how to quickly structure a memorable talk, a memory system for speaking without notes, and personal evaluations that will raise the level of your public speaking. It’s such a fun and energizing way to spend three Saturday mornings that you will wish it lasted longer. And you even get an excellent graduation lunch included.

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