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Terrified of public speaking?
Want to improve your leadership skills?Podium_with_Microphones

We will help you:

  •  Overcome your fear of public speaking
  •  Develop job skills
  •  Nail your next interview
  •  Get Confident!

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The Christopher Leadership Course of Saskatoon provides a welcoming and supportive environment where you will build strong leadership skills and learn to overcome your fear of standing up in front of a group to speak. The course is a powerful asset and confidence-builder for anyone, but it is especially tailored for people in transition, whether that be from school into the workforce, from another country into Canada, or from one career to another.

Here’s what our graduates are saying about the course:

The past three months have reminded me to do those things that seemed not merely very challenging in the past, but in my mind, I may have thought impossible. Through their dedication, our instructor team has managed to create a change in my heart and in the mind. They have led me in the direction that appeared elusive prior to my enrollment, and convinced me of another way by showing me that side of their life. They accomplish this by relating personal examples from their own experiences which put up the fabric for my own self-esteem and mental ability. The lessons, very well demonstrated, shall target the goalposts I needed to function at a higher and more professional level. Although perhaps not yet ready to soar with the eagles, they have provided the air under my wings that shall give me the flight so needed in my life. Heather, Nolin, Glen and Barbaranne you have become the Phoenix in my development. Now, having helped me to light the Christopher candle, together we leave here every bit much better people. Christopher leaders, I thank you and salute you.

Jesse Mlynarski

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