Taking “Uniqueness” to a Whole New Level


Taking “Uniqueness” to a Whole New Level

Soon after wrapping up our 2018 Winter classes, Durham-Toronto took a poll and found that a number of instructors were interested in taking the Advanced Christopher Leadership Course (CLC2). We ran a 7-week course exclusively for CLC1 instructors from May 17 to June 28. Not only did the students challenge each other to give of their best each week, but they certainly challenged the instructing team as well! To make the classes even more interesting, we invited a different guest instructor each week to enhance the overall group vibe with their different teaching styles and individual flair in delivering Christopher talks.
Here are some interesting facts about this unique class:

– 9 CLC1 instructors signed up for the course

– The students’ instructing experience ranged from one to five courses

– Almost perfect attendance, with only 2 students missing one class each

– The students arrived 5 to 10 minutes early for class each night

– Timing of assignments were pretty much spot on!

– PEPs did not focus on the usual gestures, eye contact, voice projection, etc.

– Maximum hugs at the start and at the end of each class

We’d be hard-pressed to put together a more cohesive group of students who are in lock step with the instructing team. And it will be a long time before we see this level of quality in student assignments again in one class. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that exceeded all expectations of students and instructors alike.

Taking Uniqueness to a New Level

Front row: Terryl Burrows, Robert Mathew, Regina Antonio, William Nadeau, Sharon Lue

Back row: Kenneth D’Souza, Richard Chen, Judy Romero, Wojtek Zarzeczny, Marla Cohen,

Tania Tessier, Tim Royes, Anna Dy, Rebeca Furtado



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